The Centipede and The Frog

A centipede went for a morning walk with his 100 legs. A frog looks at him and couldn't believe what he saw, he blinked and does it again and kept looking at him until he observes each of his leg moving in perfect harmony!

He thinks, "100 feets!! How does he manage? Every time how can he count his legs as he moves ahead, which leg to move when and in what direction?? If he forgets the number, he will be caught in his own legs and fall down!"

He walks to centipede and asks, "Uncle ji, I am afraid I have to stop you as you go for your morning walk but a very philosophical question has come up in my mind which I cannot answer. I am just a frog, you know!! But you, I believe, can answer."

Centipede: "What is the problem"

Frog: I saw your 100 legs, I counted them as you walk. How do you manage? Do you count and observe each of your leg as you move each step?

Centipede: I have never thought about it! I will try and see how have I been managing.... I have actually never observed myself doing it. I have never made a conscious effort to look down and see where my each leg is falling. You are great, a great philosopher. Let me try.

The centipede tried.. and you can guess what would have happened. He fell immediately, with all 100 legs entangled into each other..

He was angry and shouted at the frog.

Centipede: You fool; Never ask this stupid question to anyone.

Frog: I just wanted to know how you manage? And I just have two legs, I am juust a frog. I thought you would be able to answer with your experience.

Centipede: I have been managing to walk for several years. Not only me, but millions of Centipedes have been walking. However, when I consciously try to manage my walk and place each leg in a particular direction with a conscious pace, I lost my count and fell.

Uncovering some truth (read ignorance)!

What is truth and what is not is not be answered, but observed. 
We live in a society where people worship God in the hope of moksha, none sure whether it exists. What we know exists, is  not worshiped, is life with in us. 
We live where truth is nothing but socially accepted levels of insanity; which we all follow without questioning. Conditioned to our blood are stories, which when questioned evolves into disbelief.
Here is a good start.
1. There is no God other than life itself.
(“The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now, and we will never be here again.” ~ Troy)

Something out of Nothing

The Big Bang is not just a metaphor or a disputed scientific theory about what occurred 14 billion years ago. It’s happening right now!

Just like a thought is emerging every moment in someone's mind; just as an idea explodes in you - out of nowhere! Something is coming from nothing every second. 

You might not be conscious of it, but it’s true. Your own experience of action and reaction is not unbroken—there are countless moments of zero between each and every thought, every impulse, and every response. If you slow your experience down, and keep slowing it down, you’ll start to see that there is a vast chasm of empty space that is the foundation of everything that is occurring, the ground out of which each impulse arises. Even as you are aware of the body, of the passing of time and the movement of thought, beneath it all you can become conscious of this current of stillness that is the ground of Being. 

If you are busy being busy, its a big bang happening inside you each moment; if you observe slowly, its a process of evolution. 


Every object in the universe is endowed with four characteristics: dharma, karma, prema and gyana. Of these, karma is the most talked about; it is also the most misunderstood. The Gita says: "Gahna Karmanyo Gathi" - Unfathomable are the ways of karma.

There are three types of karma: Prarabha, sanchita and agami. The first is latent karma, an impression or seed of action. The second is karma as action, and the third is karma as result. Prarabha means 'begun'; the action that is already manifesting and that is yielding its effect right now. You cannot avoid it or change it, as it is already happening. Sanchita is accumulated karma. It is latent or manifested in the form of a tendency or impression in the mind. 

Sanchita karma can be burned off by spiritual practices before it manifests. Agami karma is the future karma of action; that which has not yet come and which will take effect in the future. If you commit a crime, you may not get caught today, but will live with the possibility that one day you may get caught. 

Relieve stress through Reiki

Stress is increasingly becoming the root cause of many illnesses. More and more people are seeing doctors only to diagnose illness related to stress and anxiety.

Until recently, stress was not acknowledged by the medical profession as a legitimate source of disease. However now, stress is the major cause of shoulder pain, back ache, migraine, High Blood Pressure, and many other diseases.

Stress coupled with improper body postures due to prolonged use of computer and laptops, excessive use of mobile phones has been developing illness of a kind which are not directly detected by medical tests.

Many of us are not very good at recognizing that various symptoms we are experiencing are caused by stress. Orthodox medicines may relieve the symptoms temporarily, but until the underlying cause is dealt with, which is in all probability an emotional issue, then the condition re appears.

Reiki and Meditation during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a momentous time in any woman's life. She is full of joy at the prospect of bringing forth a new life, but also filled with fear for the baby growing inside. Mothers-to-be have a lot to cope with during pregnancy, including all body changes that take place, such as morning sickness, excessive tiredness, indigestion and back ache; all of which can cause a lot of discomfort. These can all be alleviated with the use of Reiki. 

Reiki can also support the woman emotionally during this time of upheaval. 

Giving Reiki treatment is also a way for fathers-to-be to become more involved with the pregnancy, and to help them bond with the unborn child in a different way. Like a mother, he must face the responsibility of being a parent, and her must also come to terms with the fact that his relationship with his partner will change to some degree, as they both make room in it for a child. 

After a few regular sessions with Reiki Practitioner, mother-to-be may choose to practice self-treatment until post pregnancy.

Meditation tips for beginners

In my last post Reiki and Meditation, I discussed about how beginners can experiment meditation. In this post, lets learn about some easy steps that will assist you getting closer to the objective. 

I have repeated some text from the last post, just in case you don't want to make an effort to click through the above link!

Follow these, and moreover suit them to your convenience. Staying relaxed is far more important than having a straight back. (Though you will automatically reach to an optimum posture for your body)

  • Set aside a specific time during which you plan to meditate. Just like your body follows a sleeping regimen, your mind will gradually become accustomed to the idea of meditating or concentrating, every day. 

Meditation and Reiki

Meditation is among the most preached of relaxation methods, often recommended for getting rid of our anxieties and alleviating physical and mental pain or suffering. That's precisely we all are looking for! Isn't it? 
So why not give it a try and see whether if its a fad or really works?
Where to start?
Meditation isn't the simplest of things to practice or gain perfection over, since it requires maintaining absolute focus and perseverance. Yes, the benefits are immense with greater concentration, lesser anxiety and an overall feeling of wellness. Meditation works upon the principle of gaining enlightenment which essentially means you are elevated to a level where your mind is free from the usual clutter of disturbing ideas. When you are in the Meditation state, you are passing into a state of self-reflection & introspection that helps to create a mind and body synergy.